Grow your confidence

At Pitch we specialise in helping children and young people build their confidence through developing presentation skills. Our founder, Ash, has spent his professional career working with with young, talented athletes helping them develop their skills and more importantly their ability to perform on the biggest stage. Now we can bring that experience to your school, college or social enterprise and help you develop your young people.

We run a modified version of our Pitch to Inspire course, lasting around 2.5 hours (although we can be flexible according to your needs), where we focus more on personal presentation skills, creating a safe environment for children & young people to share their stories and to explore different ways of presenting themselves.

Whether it’s for future, college/university application interviews, future job interviews or just for developing personal confidence, presentation coaching has an abundance of benefits for children and young people.



Course Content

Introduction and exploring self confidence
Managing nerves
Communication games & improvisation
Acting the part - exploring different personas
Understanding body language
Give it a go!